Kayaking and Canoeing

A kayak has a closed deck with a cockpit that may be secured against the entry of water. A canoe is a narrow boat with an open deck.
A Kayak is an Inuit (Native Americans primarily from Alaska and Northern Canada) boat that is more or less what we’d now call a sea kayak, which are always or nearly always decked and can be rolled. This is called the “Eskimo roll.”

“Canoe” is an English approximation of a Native American word for “boat” – specifically the type that was used in the area that is now the NE USA and SE Canada, and is still what North Americans call a Canoe (or Open Canoe).

Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project started their venture in Elswick swimming pool, learning skills, techniques and safety. Groups have progressed on to lakes, rivers and the sea.

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