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With more and more young people using social media and the internet in their daily lives, it’s important to ensure they stay safe and know the dangers of being online. In the links below there are lots of great resources for both young people and their parents for staying safe online. 

Child Net International- Child Net provides free resources and games for young people and their parents on how to be safe online. With separate sections for different age groups, Child Net is informative and a great way for all the family to engage and get educated. 

CEOP- CEOP is the Child Exploitation and Online protection command. Created the National Crime Agency, CEOP is a service that allows young people and their families to report online abuse or bullying or any online behaviour that it worrying. Connected with Think You Know, it can direct young people to the appropriate support and deal with any reports of online abuse you may have.

Think U Know- Think You Know, is a website containing useful resources tailored to a variety of age categories designed to educate young people and their families on staying safe both on and offline. With fun games and tips for parents, Think You Know is a safe environment for young people to educate themselves on the potential dangers of being online and using electronic devices.

UK Safer Internet Centre- UK Safer Internet provides resources for different ages, helpful tips and blogs to allow you to stay safe online. Providing a host of advice for parents and professionals the UK Safer Internet Centre run a Safer Internet Day every year to help combat challenges which you may come across on the internet and to help educate young people. The next Safer Internet Day will be held on 9th February 2021 around the theme “An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world” to get involved check it out using the link below.

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