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Rob Hall MBEExecutive Manager

I am the manager but what I really enjoy is the youth work and outdoor activities. I still volunteer as an independent assessor for The Duke of Edinburgh Awards and coach as much as I can when I get the opportunity. Mountain biking and kayaking remain my favourite activities and I am a very competitive pool player.

Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project is a well resourced centre with a very good staff and volunteer team. Young people are achieving and having fun and I am proud to be part of it.

Claire GascoigneYouth Development Coordinator

I have been at Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project for about 8 years, volunteering the first 2 years and undertaking any courses. Now I coordinate the programmes, supervise a large team of staff and oversee all the volunteers active in the project. I particularly enjoy the activities and seeing young people achieve. One of my many roles is to developed programmes including The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, The Princes Trust XL for alternative education and the Open College Network.

Delivering the Duke of Edinburgh Award to numerous groups is very rewarding. The challenges set to every group differs but the end result is the same; an outstanding certificate that goes on the CV. My first Gold Group completed last year “what a Journey” and the DVD is inspiring for everyone…..

Stacie Cox

Stacie CoxYouth Activity & Outdoor Education Co-ordinator

Stacie Cox
Stacie Cox
Stacie CoxI have been at CVYP since leaving school in 2007 going from being a young volunteer to now becoming the Youth Activity & Outdoor Education Co-coordinator.

Over the years u have achieved so much and so many qualification such as Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh and the Diamond Duke of Edinburgh Award. I have also achieved my trail cycle Leader (TCL NGB) and Archery Instructors qualification. Recently I have achieved my biggest award which was my Mountain Leaders Award. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the training and assessment. It also helped me become more confident in what I do and made me really keen to teach others the skills I’ve learned and give the young people a great outdoor experience, whether that it is on the bikes, walking or playing team building games.

In the future I see myself working between CVYP and Kielder leading and overseeing all activities as well as Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and residential.

Julie GibsonSenior Development Worker

Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project is a great place to work, full of opportunities and activities that gets everyone involved. I volunteered for a long time and worked hard to be part of the team. I have been employed since 2002 with a dual role of office work and youth work. My passion is working with young people including those with special needs, seeing them develop into responsible and an independent young adults is my reward.

Part of my role is liaising with Northumberland Social Services helping with the referral process for all young people with disabilities accessing our services. Back in 2006 I became a John Muir Award facilitator, allowing young people to discover, explore and conserve the environment they live in. This role has developed and I now oversee the award for CVYP and hope to achieve my Conserver level early next year.

Adele AzizAdministrator / Finance

Adele AzizCramlington Voluntary Youth Project has changed my life. I came to the project while I was struggling at school. I started volunteering and peer supporting and the rest as they say “is history”.

I am now a qualified Youth Worker and Outdoor Instructor, gaining my first National Governing Body award in 2012 (Mountain Biking- Trail Cycle Leader). During a 5 year period I also achieved my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The challenges and experiences have put me in a good position to help, encourage and teach others. I presently lead and support 2 groups of young people with disabilities every week.

This is just part of my journey and definitely my future.

Angie TurnbullSenior Development Worker

I am one of the senior workers at the Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project and work predominantly with young people with special needs. I build positive relationships and develop their social and emotional skills.

The age range is diverse; 8yrs-25yrs but my role is very rewarding.

Accessing specific activity funding for the groups bolsters the sessions and delivering training for the staff and volunteer team is two key examples of my responsibility.

Dave TurnbullYouth Worker

I have worked in many sessions during the past fifteen years from centre based to detached work. However, what I really enjoy is outdoor activities and pushing myself to meet challenges and encouraging young people to do the same.

One of the most memorable challenges was late 2013, gauge walking in icy cold weather and supporting young people to do the same challenges.

The project has developed immensely, especially during the past 5 years and I am just glad to be part of it.

Carole WrightYouth Worker

About me information coming soon…

Kerri Owen

Kerry OwenYouth Support Worker

Kerri Owen
Kerri Owen
Kerri OwenI started at the youth centre as a young career, since then I have progressed and grown as a person. Before starting my 3 year apprenticeship I was one of the leads in the Fixers Project. In 2014 I won Young Carer of the year and then progressed onto becoming a young carer ambasassador.

Completing my Gold D of E award and 2 years National Citizenship Service as a participant and an ambassador which was supported my application to university. I have almost completed my 2nd year of learning disability nursing, however hope to remain apart of CVYP.

Brooke Hall

Brooke HallYouth Support Worker

Brooke Hall
Brooke Hall
Brooke HallI started volunteering at the youth project when I was 12 years old and after 5 years experience I have developed immensely as a person. I have gained numerous skills, self confidence and a crucial understanding of young people. This has enabled me to peer support lots of children and young people with a range of abilities.

Completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the expeditions was the toughest challenge I have ever undertaken, I’m so glad I completed it. 3 years with the National Citizenship Programme as a participant, ambassador and support leader put me in good stead for my Uni-application. I have almost completed my degree but I still want to be part of the CVYP, give them something back and continue to engage with young people.

Katie Appleyard

Katie AppleyardYouth Support Worker

Katie Appleyard
Katie Appleyard
Katie AppleyardI started working at CVYP when I was 17 years old as a young apprentice and since joining the project I have met a wide range of wonderful people who have helped me develop as a person. I have gained a wide range of skills including leadership, communication and self-confidence. By gaining these skills it has allowed me to create good relationships with young people.

Since joining I have received a wide range of opportunities to grow and gain confidence as well as achieve my Gold Arts Award and recently completed my Level Two in Youth Work. Since the completion of these awards I have went on to become an arts advisor myself to help give the young people the same opportunity I was given and are working towards my Level Three Youth Work which I hope to achieve in the next year.

Tammi Cartwright

Tammi CartwrightYouth Support Worker

Tammi Cartwright
Tammi Cartwright
Tammi CartwrightI started volunteering at the youth project when I was 11 years old. In that time I have gained many skills and progressed from an apprentice to a youth support worker where I’m currently involved with all the groups in the centre. This has enabled me to gain many skills which has allowed me to develop in my role. Throughout my time at CVYP I am very proud to say I have achieved my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards as well as completing my Level 2 Youth Work Qualification. This year I am working towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh and my Level 3 Youth Work.

As I continue to develop, I’m mostly looking forward to getting more involved with the outdoor side of things at Chirdon Head in the coming months.

Dean Coltman

Dean ColtmanYouth Support Worker

Dean Coltman
Dean ColtmanI’m a volunteer at CVYP and work two nights a week with the adult special needs group. I work as part of the staff team to deliver activities like football, basketball, team building and first aid. I also enjoy helping the young people with their D of E award. I enjoy working alongside the staff because I’m learning new skills and developing myself further all whilst feeling like part of the team.

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