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Support for Your Mental Health

Lots of young people at one point of another may struggle with their mental health and need support. This is nothing to be ashamed of and here at CVYP, we encourage our young people to talk about their problems and to access support when they need it.   Whether that support be from us or external agencies.  

Check out some of our helpful links below which have helpful tips on how to manage your mental health and some services available for young people. 

Kooth- Kooth is a free online platform that provides various support resources to young people. Including free anonymous online counselling to young people, chat forums, an activity centre and an online magazine.  

Mind- Mind is a mental health charity which provides support to all ages. With a specialist section for children and young people MIND provides information on places you can access support, tips for talking about your mental health to family and friends and other useful articles about mental health diagnosis and how to feel less alone. 

Talking Matters Northumberland- This a free service provided for young people in Northumberland over the age of 16. It provides “free psychological treatment, support and recovery service for the people of Northumberland over the age of 16 for depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health related problems.”  

Accessible through their drop-in centre, online and their self-referral phone line. or call 0300 3030 700

Heads together- Heads together is a charity aimed to help end the stigma around mental health. Containing links to support and resources. Heads together also has video’s and programmes designed to provide tips about supporting your own and others mental health. It provides access to SHOUT which is a mental health crisis text message service, for young people to have someone anonymous to talk to when they are struggling. 

Young Minds- Young Minds is a service for young people and their parents. Providing support to both. This is done through online workshops, their blog, tips to deal with various mental health illnesses such as anxiety and contact lines for both parents and young people if they feel they are in crisis.

Child Line- Child Line is a national charity which has tons of resources for young people of all ages. With resources to help deal with mental health, one to one counselling sessions, online games and articles. Child line has advice and support for a host of issues which affect young people including domestic abuse, bullying and school.

Hope Again- Hope Again is a charity that provides support to young people who have lost a loved one and how to cope with grief. Their website provides stories from young people who may have went through similar situations to you and has a national helpline for young people who may want to talk. The site also contains video resources for parents and young people.

NHS GO- NHS Go is an app for young people between the ages of 16-25 years old and is a “confidential and advice giving app”. It provides advice for your mental health, quizzes and guides, access to local services and can give you advice on the go. Downloadable from the Google Play Store and Apple Apps store.  

The Mix- The Mix supports young people under the age of 25. It provides a plethora of support on issues such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, relationships and discussion boards for young people to discuss issues with one another in a safe online environment.  Articles are written by young people, as well as expert advice for young people to gain a wide range of perspectives and support.

IF U Care Share- If U Care Share is a suicide prevention charity which provides training, online support, a crisis helpline and tips for all ages.

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